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Sleep, Eat and Train!

Sleep, Eat and Train!

Over the course of this challenging pandemic WernFitness has developed and grown. We have learnt how to support and empower our clients in this new, and rather exciting, climate.

Initially we were using face-to-face BioSignanture Modulation Testing to help assist our clients in achieving their ideal physique. Our clients were happy and reaching great results, however as COVID hit – and through lockdown – we began to explore ways that we could work online and still be able to show up for our clients.

Interestingly we discovered that online sessions and training were extremely valuable – they were efficient, allowed our clients to engage with us from anywhere, and appeared to enhance our client’s confidence and independence regarding their resilience and ability to adapt their lifestyle.

The SET system

Through the experience of lockdown WernFitness has established the effective and empowering SET – Sleep, Eat and Train – system. Through monitoring and evaluation, we have developed an easy to use and effective approach which assists you in reaching your goals. This unique and non-generalised approach allows our specialised team to offer you a variety of services and coaching which are niche and thus empower you in your own unique life, environment and eco-system.

Through weekly calls we work with you, taking a collaborative approach, considering the three key areas of sleeping, eating and training, and how we can adjust these accordingly to enhance your health and well-being. In addition, we discuss your upcoming diary and potential hurdles that may lie ahead, which then allows us to work towards small achievable targets. By tracking your progress we engage in ongoing monitoring and evaluation to assist you in working through challenges and obstacles that arise.


Sleep is often overlooked and undervalued. So many of us are intentional and mindful about what we eat and how we train, ensuring we take care of our physical and mental health; however, we often overlook the crucial factor of getting enough sleep.

When we sleep the body releases certain hormones that assist with mood regulation, the way in which our bodies recover and repair, and even the way our appetite functions. A healthy amount of sleep allows for a balanced amount of hormones to work through the body, resulting in a healthy appetite, body and mind.

In contrast, when we lack sleep the body releases high amounts of cortisol – the stress hormone – which can lead to insulin resistance, hunger and anxiety.

Sleep is fundamental to our overall well-being, and getting enough of it is an essential aspect that so many people are disregarding. Sleep scientist Dr Matthew Walker describes this lack of sleep to be a global healthcare epidemic, stating that “human beings deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain” and “have stigmatized sleep as a label of laziness”.

When we are sleep impaired, we cannot function properly. Sleep is when our body heals, physically and emotionally. There are different stages of sleep. When we do not allow ourselves enough sleep, we may not access certain stages which are required to assist with particular body and mind processing.

It is argued that we should not have anything less than eight hours of sleep every night, however many of us are living on less than six hours of sleep. Matthew Walker explains that there are objective impairments in the body when we have less than eight hours of sleep. Such a lack of sleep puts us at risk of developing a heart attack, a stroke, alzheimers, cancer and depression.

When working with our clients we prioritise sleep. We ensure to inform and educate our clients about sleep and why it is so crucial. To assist with this, we also monitor sleep patterns, stages and duration using a variety of apps available. This then assists us with monitoring and evaluation so we can plan and adjust your programme accordingly to assist you in achieving your goals.


We live in a world where there are so many different approaches to how and what we “should” eat. There are so many perspectives regarding what is, and what is not, good for you. This “dieting” approach often leads to deprivation, affecting our bodies’ ability to function, and can often have a relapse result.

WernFitness focuses on lifestyle. We educate and empower our clients to become more connected to themselves and their unique mind, body and ecosystem, so they can develop a joyful and healthy lifestyle that allows them to live, and not to feel limited.

We encourage diversity when it comes to food, as the mind and body require a variety of nutrients and vitamins to be able to function to full capacity. We support our clients to becoming more aware and informed regarding food groups, a balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and how and what to add when needing further energy.

Using a photo food diary, clients are able to become more connected to their understanding and relationship with food. This supports a healthy and informed lifestyle where you become intune with your body and its needs, rather than counting calories to lose fat.


We are all individuals – we all have our unique mind and body. Therefore, just as we do with regards to your mental health, eating and goals, when we consider your training program, we consider you as an individual. No two people are the same, we enjoy different things and our bodies respond differently to exercise.

With the SET system, WernFitness also integrates the MyZone technology into your programme. MyZone is a wearable, accurate, heart-rate wireless system that monitors physical activity and generates real-time data. The MyZone system allows WernFitness to work closely with you to design your unique fitness programme, and monitor your goals and achievements. The MyZone application records your progress and therefore also motivates and empowers you, as you have access to all your data as you proceed.

WernFitness designs a unique fitness plan based on your personal interests, goals and body. Our specialised team works with you to provide the exercises, tools and knowledge that will support you in achieving your goals. We work with cardiovascular training, high-intensity training, strength training, pilates and yoga to ensure that our clients are able to provide their bodies with different types of activity and support.

Let’s go!

The SET system has allowed WernFitness to support our clients in reaching effective and achievable goals. Through this personalised, focused and empowering approach we are able to develop a unique program that enhances our clients physical and mental health and well-being, which ultimately leads to a more joyful life!

So come and join us, let’s talk about your personal SET system, and how you can have fun through this exciting process of discovering yourself, your mind and your body, so you can make the changes to feel and live your most joyful life.

This article is written by Bianca Aimée Kramer.

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