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    The ultimate online training system that caters for all.

About Online Training

We have created an online training system that accommodates everyone – whatever your goals and experience. Whether you are looking to work out at home, on the road or even at work, our online training provides the perfect solution.

With a strong focus on awareness, accountability and helping you make sustained changes, our online training system is built to give you exactly what you need and to evolve with you as you progress.

As well as movement, we focus on the vital areas of nutrition and sleep / recovery, empowering you to make lasting lifestyle changes and sustained results.

about online training
photo food diary


When it comes to nutrition, we don’t beleive in counting every calory or telling you what you eat.

Starting with the basics and with a focus on awareness, we implement a photo food diary. This involves sending us photos of what you eat or drink. We start collecting this visual data and help you to implement positive changes where necessary.

By sharing eating habits, you will automatically be more accountable for your actions and we find that this simple process has a very positive impact. Importantly, our approach helps to build lasting change and results that you keep.

Sleep & Recovery

Getting sufficient sleep and recovery is one of the most important ingredients to your success. Poor sleep can contribute to a range of health issues including your ability to achieve your physique goals.

By tracking sleep, you will become more aware of how your choices affect sleep quality and your body’s ability to recover and prepare for what’s ahead. This awareness and greater understanding empowers clients to make smarter nutrition & lifestyle decisions.

There are numerous tools available to help track sleep and we encourage their use as part of our online training system. You don’t need to spend money on any specific gadgets, we’ll show you how to work with what you have available.

about online training


We have a broad team of specialists that host a range of different online sessions. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution and our movement recommendations will depend on your goals, abilities and what makes you tick!

We provide both live and on-demand sessions including:

  • 1-2-1 Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Boxing
  • Meditation
  • Mobility & Stretch


Myzone is a fantastic tool that we use as part of our online training system. Myzone is a fun and innovative that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity.

Myzone monitors heart rate, calories burned and time spent exercising which it converts into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). The focus is on rewarding effort rather than fitness and it provides a great platform for us to set targets and monitor your movement and progress.

Wern Fitness clients love Myzone because it is motivating, rewarding and it can provide a social aspect to working out as well as gamifying the experience.

myzone online training
Kaitlyn Chasey
Wern was a saviour during lockdown! Our gym was closed so we were doing group sessions and he was able to accommodate even though we had no weights /equipment to use. Also did some private sessions and meal planning to get me wedding ready – highly recommend him!
David Schupak
Wern is awesome! I’m based in New York and despite the time difference he was able to stay in touch constantly, arrange zoom workouts and create a personalized program. Very thoughtful programming, even on video he was able to spot little things about my form, make adjustments when needed and push me to my limits! He also helped with nutrition so I could make the most out of the exercise.
Drew Marsh
I’ve been working out with Wern for several months now – both in person and online – really has been amazing! I have not had much luck or connection with trainers in the past but Wern really helped me overcome my blocks. His energy is incredible and really knows how to target the areas I have been looking to improve.

The Team

wern personal trainer founder


Founder & Director

mind body coach bianca


Integrative Mind & Body Coach

Alan life coach


Life Coach & Therapist

persnal trainer pieta


Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

personal trainer yolandi


Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

personal trainer cobus


Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

yoga meditation teacher chelsey


Yoga & Meditation Teacher

physiotherapist james



personal trainer dan


Personal Trainer & Boxing Coach


Is online training as good as in-person?

Online training is a fantastic way to train under the guidance of professionals without having to travel to a specific location.

Whether you prefer to exercise at home, are often on the move, like to train on your lunch break at work, or just appreciate the convenience of not having to travel, online training is a great solution.

Live sessions allow you to see us so that you can follow along but also, we can see you and provide you with the coaching and guidance you expect from personal training.

How much does it cost?

We have a wide range of packages available – designed around your goals, time and budget. We recommend getting in touch using the form below so that we can learn more about you and provide some recommendations.

I’m interested, where do I start?

Please start by filling in the enquiry form below so that we can set up your 30 minute complimentary Zoom consultation.

During the consult, we can get a better understanding of your circumstances and you have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

We will provide some recommendations as to what type of sessions and frequency would suit you the most.

What commitment is required?

We don’t beleive in forcing you into any long term commitments. Instead, we want to continue to prove the benefits of our online training system to you.

You therefore have the choice to pay-as-you-go or purchase 4 week blocks.

Do I need my own gym equipment?

You do NOT need to have any fancy equipment to train with us. Many of our clients achieve incredible results using bodyweight workouts and we will always prescribe exercise based on what you have to work with and what you enjoy.

Douglas Todd
Working with Wern over the last 7 years has proven to be extremely positive, his genuine and realistic approach to training has helped me stay focused, obtain lasting results and keep motivated. Wern is an extremely likeable person and makes tough days pleasant. Get yourself online and he will do the rest. Recommended 100%.
Simon Perrin
I’ve been seeing Wern for just over a year and have lost 2 stones in that time. Wern’s focus on diet and overall health issues as well as ‘just’ personal training has really made the difference for me. During lockdown, Wern has been just as focussed on maintaining my improvements through one to one online training and getting me involved in group bootcamp sessions.
Conor Mahoney
Wern is an absolutely superb trainer, both inside the gym and on an online platform. He personally guided me and educated me on both training and nutrition which has always been my downfall, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, gained muscle and reduced body fat percentage drastically – never felt better.

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