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Richard Finn

Wern was a total game changer for me in my fitness and lifestyle goals. The Sleep Eat Train system makes total sense to me now but was not something I was aware of before working with Wern. The Zoom classes are top class and Wern tailors everything to your body and schedule. I ended up dropping 25 lbs and 8% body fat in 10 weeks. I would recommend Wern to anyone!

Stephanie Todd

When I started working with Wern I hadn’t exercised in a number of years. I was very concerned as a result of a previous health condition. Wern recognised this and worked me to slowly build the complexity and intensity of our routines. When lockdown happened, Wern continued to do workouts online and worked hard to keep them interesting and challenging. I had a specific goal to lose weight for my wedding. Wern wanted to know all details of the dress and focused our workouts on our agreed target areas. I am delighted with the results. I would highly recommend Wern to anyone looking to get back into exercise.

Raphael Shield

I have been training with Wern for the last 5 years. He’s truly passionate about finding the right solution for the individual and giving that tailored approach. Has also offered great flexibility between training in the gym and online.

Simon Perrin

Working with Wern over the last 7 years has proven to be extremely positive, his genuine and realistic approach to training has helped me stay focused, obtain lasting results and keep motivated. Wern is an extremely likeable person and makes tough days pleasant – “get yourself on line and he will do the rest”. Recommended 100%.

Geoff Myers

What can I say about working with Wern and his incredible training methods? I should start with the things Wern gave me. A 5 stone weight loss, a change to a 100% healthy life long diet, motivation to the meet and achieve my own goals, my massively increased fitness and endurance levels are just a few of the benefits I get working with Wern. Wern’s online training is as effective as being in the gym with because he motivates me like no one I have ever met, Thank you Wern, I could not have achieved any of it without you mate.

Drew Marsh

Wern is awesome! I’m based in New York and despite the time difference he was able to stay in touch constantly, arrange zoom workouts and create a personalized program. Very thoughtful programming, even on video he was able to spot little things about my form, make adjustments when needed and push me to my limits! He also helped with nutrition so I could make the most out of the exercise. My whole goal was to rebuild the strength I had lost while the gyms were closed during quarantine in New York… we did that and then some in a matter of weeks, cheers Wern!

Wern’s online boot camp classes have been excellent so far! The sessions are always full of energy & suited to all levels of fitness. Wern has a great way of motivating people especially when things start getting a little tough! If you’re looking to get fit, he is your man!
Really TOP class personal training. If you are thinking about doing it – then stop thinking now and go ahead. You wont be disappointed.
Wern is an experienced trainer who I’ve worked with for nearly 3 years. He’s focussed on helping you to achieve your goals in a holistic manner e.g. routines, food diary and motivation. This makes you more likely to succeed in the long term! As well as being focussed, training sessions with Wern are also great fun. He has positive energy, and has become a friend and confidant as well as our go-to for fitness advice for our whole family!
Wern is an incredible trainer. I lost 12% body fat with him focusing on my diet as well as training in about a year. This was starting at 23.9% body fat. He’s also a blast to hang out with – and his South African humour when not trite – is actually quite fun 😉
Wern has genuinely taken me to a new level in my health and fitness journey. I exercise and eat so much better now (I used to think it was good but realised it was nowhere near!). Get over to Wern asap!
Nearing 15 stone and 30% body fat when starting with Wern Fitness in November 2016. A year later I was down to 11 stone and 14% body fat. Wern taught me how to eat and train and that’s why 2 years later I’ve maintained that success.
Douglas Todd

I’ve been seeing Wern for just over a year and have lost 2 stones in that time. Wern’s focus on diet and overall health issues as well as ‘just’ personal training has really made the difference for me. We tried a couple of different food plans before we found one that worked – essentially fasting for around 16 hours between evening meal and lunch – and really triggered my weight loss and fitness. It’s this personalised approach that works really well. I’d also say that during lockdown, Wern has been just as focussed on maintaining my improvements through one to one online training and getting me involved in group bootcamp sessions. I’d recommend Wern to anyone looking not just to lose weight but feel fitter, healthier and have better self-esteem.

David Schupak
Been working out with Wern for several months now – both in person and online – really has been amazing! I have not had much luck or connection with trainers in the past but Wern really helped me overcome my blocks. His energy is incredible and really knows how to target the areas I have been looking to improve. Have been very happy with the training and the results! Highly recommend!
I’ve been working out with Wern for a few months, I started before lockdown and then we moved to online training. He has kept me sane and fit at a time that was considerably challenging for me. And he is very understanding, he has adapted the training for me when I was struggling and revide it up when I was ready. I highly recommend Wern if you are serious about your health and fitness. I will continue to use Wern for online training because he will get me where I need to go, even at my age!
I readily admit that I go to the gym because I need to not because I love it. As a very unfit, fat and middle-aged woman I needed someone who understood me and my capacity. Wern is great at making me work harder than I ever would on my own and somehow makes it fun. My general fitness is so much improved and I am more flexible and confident.
I have worked with Werner with a number of years and over time he helped me a achieved a number of goals, he really takes the time to understand your overall health including nutrition. He really pushes you out of your comfort zone. He is very personable and he has a number of years experience so he is an expert in his field. He is outgoing and friendly. He also helped me during a difficult time when I had a few health issues and with his support it was a lot more bearable. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.
Wern is truly an incredible trainer. He has not only transformed my body and attitude to exercise but every session improves my mood and mental health. Totally incredible.
Wern provides a holistic approach to training and fitness focusing on my own personalised goals and building a goals oriented approach. Training sessions are focused and engaging always pushing further while ensuring correct form and style. The techniques are built around long term goals, building posture and strengthening core. The training was supplemented by good nutritional advice and continued support. Wern is also great at helping to build a culture of accountability helping you take ownership for achieving your own goals.
I have been using Wern for the whole of this year on the back of a recommendation. I have been a very regular gym user for 15 years and initially went to Wern to have a bit of a change up in my training. Wern very quickly pointed out how bad my posture was from years of sitting in an office chair and probably having poor technique in the gym. Through training with Wern this year my body has taken on a completely new and much improved look. Previous PT’s i have used have taken a very generic approach to training their clients, however Wern is very focused on the individual. That for me meant working around various injuries (not skipping training), postural work to make me look the best i can be and knowing how hard to push me bearing in mind how i am feeling on the day. Wern is very committed, always enthusiastic, an expert in the field and i trust him with helping me reach my goals.
Wern has been my personal trainer for about a year. I began as a broken, physical wreck with severe back pain. Over the course of a few months, Wern put me on a personalised training programme that has transformed my diet and fitness. He focused on strengthening my core so that the back pain is gone. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun doing it.
Conor Mahoney

Wern is an absolutely superb trainer, both inside the gym and on an online platform. He personally guided me and educated me on both training and nutrition which has always been my downfall, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, gained muscle and reduced body fat percentage drastically – never felt better. I would like to highlight his online training classes also, going through 3 lockdowns in the last year it would be easy to kick back and forget training. Wern made sure the online classes were relevant, fun and gave you the desired effect for all abilities. Also very easy to manage whether it’s a 1:1 PT or joining the class. Would totally recommend to anybody looking to shift a little lockdown timber / generally get healthier!

Kaitlyn Chasey

Wern was a saviour during lockdown! Our gym was closed so we were doing group sessions and he was able to accommodate even though we had no weights/equipment to use. Also did some private sessions and meal planning to get me wedding ready – highly recommend him!

Patrick Myles
Wern is a great personal trainer. He builds a training, fitness, and holistic health plan with you and then works to get you on board, stretching you to achieve your goals. His studio is always clean and his routines are varied to keep you interested. But, most of all, he knows how to build rapport and relationships and adjusts his approach to suit you. He recently started training my wife, who needs a very different style, and she is loving the program!
Life changing. Wern will tailor an approach to your needs, that is sustainable, and has the results you didn’t think were possible. Hard work at first, but then it becomes routine and the incremental progress adds up. Remote sessions definitely help get me through lock-down – thank you!
Wern is a super professional and skilled trainer. He cares about us (the clients), listens to our needs and finds the best way to work with us. He is patient and able to explain in details the reasoning behind the exercise and the training plan. Absolutely recommend.
I’ve been with Wern for over two years and highly recommend! Wern has given a great perspective on how to approach workouts and provided a wide range of workout information as well as helping with my diet and staying motivated.
Always a pleasure being trained by Wern. He takes care of everything from diet to workouts to understanding lifestyle outside of the gym and makes the whole experience fun at the same time. I’d definitely consider Wern a friend as well as a trainer – top chap!
Wern is a phenomenal trainer. Can’t recommend him highly enough.
I started my journey with Wern just over a year ago to increase my fitness for a planned ski trip. Through Wern’s program not only did my fitness increase and as a result lost a significant amount of weight (approx 35kg), I’ve also learnt so much more about my body. Wern is not only an amazing trainer, helping to keep you motivated, he also explains why, whether that is the exercise your completing or the prescribed diet. The lessons that I learnt from Wern have really changed my life. I’ve gone from attempting diets or the gym to a consistent exercise program and a stable, sustainable healthy diet. I feel physically and mentally stronger than I can ever remember.
Class bloke! Wern ynderstands the needs of the individual and is able to tailor programmes around this. Most PTs have the ability to do this, they simply wouldn’t last of they couldn’t but what’s different with Wern is he’s able to work with people on a deeper level by genuinely getting along with them. He adapts the way he works with me, other friends that I know and other people in the gym. We’re all different not just in body but importantly in what’s motivating or what’s holding us from being motivated to change a lifestyle.

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