“I’d reached the age of 45, overweight and years of yo-yo dieting. After a period of strict portion control and swimming I lost a little weight but I knew this was not sustainable. Nine months later, this regime remains effective, rewarding and enjoyable – enabling a viable future healthy lifestyle.”
“Wern fitness has allowed me to achieve my fitness goals. This has lead to being more alert at work and studying. Being in better shape, and feeling better about myself also makes me more confident. Just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and is very beneficial. If anyone is willing to put the time and money in, they will definitely see results.”
“The sessions helped me get used to a routine of training, they became the highlights of my week and something I really looked forward to! No matter how hard the session was I realised that actually: I could do it! For me it was a very positive experience that completely changed, not only my body, but also my approach and commitment to exercising and feeling healthy.“
“4 months later, the results have been beyond my expectations: I have dropped 8% body-fat, my waistline is smaller than it’s ever been since I was a teenager and I have recovered pretty much all the strength in my right leg.”
“Training with Wern and his team changed my perception of what training is all about… pushing your boundaries up to the limit to get in the best possible shape. I have always struggled with weight management and I have been overweight for most of my life. With wern’s nutrition advice as well as the training program which he tailor made for me, I have lost around 12% body fat in a very short time span.“
“Aside from loosing the weight (12kg), it is my general fitness that has seen the biggest improvement. I cycle on the weekends and have noticed it improving. I can cycle further distances in a quicker time. I feel much better in general. I’m trained by Wern himself, and his general manner and personality make a huge difference. He is a fun guy!”
“I used to have a love-hate relationship with gyms. I knew I should go and I enjoyed the feeling of being fitter, but my problem was I found gyms boring and couldn’t get the results I wanted. Working with Wern prompted a complete change. From day one I was treatred as a friend, not an inconvenience and I was given immense encouragement.“
“I have lost over 10kgs and 10% of my body fat. The hard part wasn’t starting, the hard part was staying motivated over a prolonged period of time and Wern’s ‘no BS’ style of getting to know you as an individual, pushing you hard and genuinely caring about the results, was key in keeping me coming back and recovering from hiccups.“
“I found the services of Wern and his team very professional. The in-depth consultation and Biosignature readings helped us in setting goals and the road map to succeed. The sessions were tough; they are by far the best guys to have ever trained me.“

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