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About Wern Fitness.

Whether you are a total novice or experienced in training, a student or a high flying professional – I am here to help! I provide a complete training and nutrition package that is designed to empower you to achieve your goals.

Using lifestyle analysis, Biosignature modulation (hormone profiling), MyZone and a combination of 121 & online training sessions – I assure you that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your success.

The Wern Fitness Philosophy.

There is no ‘one-size fits all solution’ to achieving optimal health and fitness. That’s why at Wern Fitness, everything is about you. It’s about your history, where you are at now, and what you want to achieve moving forwards.

To change the way you look and feel, you must first make small changes. Importantly, it’s about implementing lasting change and sustained results. Small steps lead to big changes long-term!

‘Yo-yo’ dieting can be a difficult cycle to break. I understand that health is a lifestyle and improving your health often means breaking old habits, but more importantly understanding why those habits have become part of your life.

Private Personal Training Studio in Welwyn

    My personal training studio in Welwyn, Hertfordshire provides the perfect environment for 1-2-1 and small group personal training and has everything that you need to get a fantastic workout.

    I’ve created a comfortable and supportive environment – away from the hustle and bustle of busy gyms where you can feel comfortable in your own private space.

    Latest Google Reviews

    Life changing. Hard work at first, but then it becomes routine and the incremental progress adds up. Remote sessions definitely help get me through lock-down – thank you!
    Really TOP class personal training. If you are thinking about doing it – then stop thinking now and go ahead. You wont be disappointed.
    Wern is great at making me work harder than I ever would on my own and somehow makes it fun. My general fitness is so much improved and I am more flexible and confident.

    What to expect from Personal Training

    Flexible Packages

    I offer flexible 121 personal training packages from my private Welwyn studio as well as online training and support. You are welcome to mix the two and together, we can work out a schedule that is right for you.

    Motivation & more

    I have a close relationship with all of my clients. I’m here to push you and to help ensure you get the most out of your personal training sessions but there’s also a great emphasis on education and fun. You will enjoy your sessions and importantly, you will understand what we’re doing and why.

    Variation & progression

    Training with me will be varied and will evolve as you progress to ensure that you continue to move forwards. We’ll assess your starting point, design your bespoke training plan and monitor your progress throughout. I’ll set specific daily, weekly, and monthly targets and caloric expenditure recommendations, which is then recorded in your activity calendar.


    With the help of leading fitness technology – Myzone, the Wern Fitness system will encourage you to be accountable and put the effort in where it is needed. You’ll get real-time feedback on information such as heart rate, calories burned, and recovery time. This helps you to visually monitor how much you are improving and something my clients find really motivating.

    A life changing experience

    Training with me will energise you! I guarantee it will positively impact your lifestyle and mindset and be a true life changing experience.
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