why wern fitness clients love myzone
Why Wern Fitness clients love Myzone, and how gamification can improve your fitness results

Why Wern Fitness clients love Myzone, and how gamification can improve your fitness results

A huge factor in whether or not you succeed with your health and fitness goals in the long term is motivation and enjoying the process. That’s why I use leading fitness tracker Myzone with my clients. In this article I will tell you the key things that you need to know about Myzone, and why my clients love using it.

Achieve more when you gamify your training

Over 80% of jobs in the UK and US are predominantly desk based, the more time we spend sitting down, the more our risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders are stepping up. In an attempt to counteract this issue, there has been an increasing interest in the use of ‘Gamification’ in the fitness industry.

Gamification is ‘the process of utilising games or game-like reward and penalty, competition, and goal-based systems in order to increase engagement, incentivise users and popularise activities’.

Wearable fitness trackers provide elements of gamification to fitness and encourage exercise participation. Simply put, it makes the activities we may sometimes struggle to find the motivation for, such was exercise, more enjoyable.

A recent study by the University of Iowa compared the activity levels of two groups of office workers. Their findings showed that the group using gamified technology walked 2,092 more steps each day than the other group. However, the activity spike of the group decreased after the study was completed. Researchers suggest that the greatest improvement in health would be to combine the use of gamified technology with the guidance of a personal trainer.

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What is Myzone

How it works

Unlike other popular fitness trackers, Myzone is a wearable, accurate, heart rate centered system which both trainers and clients love.

The system uses wireless and cloud technology to precisely monitor physical activity and generates real-time data. Myzone monitors heart rate (by electrical signals generated by your heartbeat), calories and time spent exercising, and converts this data in Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) – more on this later. It can be used for all types of training including HIIT, endurance cardio, and resistance training.

Unlike popular fitness watches, the heart rate monitor is attached around your lower chest for an accurate feed of your actual heart rate.

The focus is on rewarding effort rather than fitness

Myzone tracks effort as a percentage of your heart rate, as long as you are at 50% or higher you can earn Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) for every minute of exercise you complete. The more effort that you put in the more MEPs you are awarded.

Myzone follows the formula:

Time X Intensity = Effort

Myzone uses five color-coded Heart Rate Zones to determine the effort that users exert based on their maximum heart rate (Max HR). The effort is conveyed as a percentage of the user’s Max HR.

The five Heart Rate Zones are:

  • Grey = 50% to 59% of Max HR
  • Blue = 60% to 69% of Max HR
  • Green = 70% to 79% of Max HR
  • Yellow = 80% to 89% of Max HR
  • Red = 90% to 100% of Max HR

Your intensity level is taken from your heart rate level, as your intensity increases so does your heart rate zone. Heart rate zones reflect the effort the user is applying, regardless of age or fitness levels.

Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) are then earned based on the effort exerted by the user. Time spent in each Heart Rate Zone earns different numbers of MEPs:

  • Grey = 1 MEPs per minute
  • Blue = 2 MEPs per minute
  • Green = 3 MEPs per minute
  • Yellow = 4 MEPs per minute
  • Red = 4 MEPs per minute

When you spend one minute or more in each heart rate zone it is recorded, and you earn your MEPs.

how myzone works

How Wern Fitness clients benefit from using Myzone

Individualised fitness programmes

The Myzone system allows me to work together with my clients to design a fitness programme over a period of time. To assist you in achieving your personal goals, I design specific daily, weekly, and monthly MEPs targets and caloric expenditure recommendations, which is then recorded in the Activity Calendar. Got a big night out or a holiday coming up? No problem! We’ll work this in to the programme to ensure that you put the work in where it’s needed. As with most things, finding a balance is crucial but this system helps ensure that it’s not at the cost of your results.


Once your fitness programme is set, we can both monitor progress via the Activity Calendar function. As well as monitoring the Activity Calendar, I can also create specific heart rate zones and/or caloric expenditure targets to be hit. It helps you understand what you need to do and keeps you accountable.

Effort tracking & motivation

The Myzone app will record the number of MEPs you earned during a session. Real-time feedback on information such as heart rate, calories burned, and heart rate recovery, is also recorded. This helps you to visually monitor how much you are improving and something my clients find really motivating.

Progress tracking

Within the Myzone app, you can record the changes in body metrics like your weight and even track visual progress by taking and storing photos. Having this information at your finger tips can be very rewarding and another source of motivation.

Social connection

You can choose to connect with other Wern Fitness clients too. I create regular group challenges through the Myzone social features that turn each user’s exercise journey into an interactive and fun experience.

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