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Biosignature Modulation – targeting stubborn body fat

Biosignature Modulation – targeting stubborn body fat

One of the tools I use to help you achieve your ideal physique is Biosignature Modulation testing. This unique method of measuring the body’s composition allows us to target stubborn fat storage areas.

We are all different and for some of us, it doesn’t matter how much we hit the gym. We may still find ourselves with skinny legs, round tummies, or storing excess fat in our thighs or bottom.

Whether you are a man storing fat around your pecs, or a woman who has developed an undesirable fat storage in the backs of her arms, Biosignature Modulation could be the perfect method for you to spot reduce those stubborn storage sites.

What is Biosignature Modulation?

Biosignature testing was developed by the renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin and used worldwide to successfully transform body shapes in both men and women. Over 20 years he compared blood and saliva analysis to the skin fold measurements to pin point the hormonal imbalances associated with weight gain or fat storage in specific areas of the body.

Biosignature testing involves a precise 12-point fat calliper reading of the body. Each site measured determines the hormones that are out of balance. An imbalance then signals fat storage to accumulate in a specific area of the body.

This technique reveals lifestyle habits and food choices. Once these are identified we work with you to address the underlying issues causing the imbalance.

What to expect from Biosignature testing

Step 1: Identifying your starting point

Your qualified Biosignature practitioner will first take your contact details and date of birth so that we can set up a personal profile for you and email your results. You will be measured and weighed and a full body photograph taken so that we can track the physical changes. Don’t worry – we will maintain your modesty. We ask that you wear shorts and tops off for men but ladies can keep a sports bra on.

Step 2: Calculating your results

Your measurements will then be entered into a bespoke software package that will analyse your body composition and generate a results table. It will calculate your body fat and lean muscle mass percentages and clearly prioritise the hormones that we need to target in order to reduce your most problematic fat storage sites.

Step 3: Creating your personal protocol

During the session we will talk through the results for all of the body sites and the bespoke protocol to follow to target the key areas. These will also be emailed to you following your test. A detailed plan will indicate lifestyle changes to make. These include whether you need to reduce sugar and caffeine consumption, increase sleep and energy levels or introduce supplementation to your lifestyle.

Step 4: Tracking progress

Progress will be monitored with weekly readings to see if any tweaks need to be implemented to your plan. For best results we recommend getting measured every 1 or 2 weeks in order to monitor your progression and ensure that you stay on track.

What do my Biosignature readings mean?

It’s all very good understanding where you store body fat, but we want to know why. Below is some additional information about why body fat is stored in certain places.

The Chin and Cheek

The chin and the cheek are not related to hormones. They are used simply to help determine your overall body fat percentage. They are an early detection system for fat loss – and are usually the first sites to change when you start to lose weight.

The Pectoral and Tricep (Androgen) Sites

Androgens are steroid hormones produced in the testes, ovaries, and the adrenals. The primary androgens, testosterone and androstenedione, are present in high levels in men. They are responsible for the male physical traits and reproductive activity.In women, androgens are produced in the ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat cells.

Androgens are necessary for estrogen synthesis, and play a key role in the prevention of bone loss. They also regulate body function before, during and after menopause.

The skin fold value for the triceps tells you how much testosterone you are currently producing. The pectoral fold, is read in relation to the triceps and gives information as to whether or not you convert your testosterone to estrogen.

Environmental estrogens, pollutions, and even television can cause testosterone levels to go down (and therefore the pectoral and tricep folds to go up).

The Sub-Scapular and Suprailiac (Insulin) Sites

These sites give us a great indication of how insulin resistant your body is, and how many simple sugars you are consuming.

When you eat carbohydrates (sugars), insulin is secreted by the pancreas. With the help of the receptor cells in your body, the insulin absorbs the sugar from the blood stream into the inside of the cell.

We take the sub-scapular measurement from a site near the shoulder blade. This is a genetic marker for carbohydrate intolerance. It can be very closely linked to heart disease, and the measurement is a reflection of your body’s ability to manage sugar.

The Mid Auxiliary (Thyroid) Site

The thyroid gland is located in the neck below the Adams apple. It is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. Its function is to secrete hormones which control various physiological functions. The thyroid regulates the rate of energy production, and the conversion of energy from food into muscular energy and body heat.

The Biosignature Modulation measurement taken between the armpit and the hip will tell us if your thyroid is functioning normally. The lower the value, the better the function. A high reading could indicate that you have been over exposed to heavy metals or plastics.

The Umbilicus (Cortisol) Site

Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands. You may have heard it referred to as the “stress hormone”. The stress hormone has a clear role to play in the response to stress and can be very high in stressed individuals.

The skin fold value of the umbilicus is a reflection of long term cortisol output caused by a stressful lifestyle. The measurement highlights how much cortisol is produced in relation to stress, as well as how well you deal with stress.

The Knee and Calf (Growth Hormone) Sites

These sites tell us how much sleep you’ve had and whether it was good quality rest. So why is this important to fat storage?

Growth hormone plays a major role in controlling physiologic processes such as growth and metabolism. It stimulates the liver and other tissues to secrete IGF-I (Insulin-like growth factor 1). By stimulating the proliferation of cartilage cells, IGF-I plays an important role in both bone and muscle growth.

The skin fold values for the knee and calf sites give you an indication of your growth hormone levels. While the knee is indicative of short-term growth hormone levels, the calf gives information about longer-term GH levels. These two sites reveal a great deal of information about sleep quality, duration, and late night partying, because growth hormone production is dependent upon sleep.

The Quadricep and Hamstring (Estrogen) Sites

Estrogens, produced from androgens, are the primary female sex hormones.

The values for the quadriceps and hamstrings sites are indicative of your body’s ability to manage its estrogen levels. As they are related to overall estrogen level, as well as ratio, the girls get more latitude in this area than the guys. For men, the quadriceps and hamstrings should approach the same value as the triceps, which indicates lower estrogen values.

So hopefully you now understand why you are holding stubborn body fat in certain areas and how Biosignature Modulation can help guide your training. Working out as hard as you can is all very well, but if you don’t make slight adjustments to your lifestyle, then your body fat will remain the same.

Book your complimentary Biosignature Modulation Assessment with Wern Fitness today and start your journey to achieving the physique you want!

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