could your lifestyle be making you ill
Could your lifestyle be making you ill?

Could your lifestyle be making you ill?

We only have one life, so make sure you live it! However, a lot of people are stuck in a daily routine creating an ill environment for health and wellbeing. These patterns that we are all guilty of falling into from time to time can be detrimental to your health.

Below are a few Wern Fitness top tips on how to improve your lifestyle.

1. Stress

Stress has a negative impact on your immune system, making you prone to colds, flu and other ailments. Prolonged stress, can be caused by a number of contributing factors such as work, home life, kids.

However stress bought on by loneliness or a lack of social stimulation is considered to be the most damaging to your immunity according to the American Psychological Association.

Stress can make you feel low or depressed. Depression actually weakens what is know as the T cell response which is an indication of how effective the body is at fighting off viruses and bacteria. If you are feeling low or lonely, or if it just feels like life is getting on top of you, it’s imperative that you speak to your health professional.

Taking a walk, going to the gym, taking part in a group activities are all fantastic stress relievers. Never suffer in silence.

2. Not Eating Correctly

Diversity is very important when it comes to food. Most people know that we need good doses of Vitamin C and D. The body relies on a number of nutrients to keep your body working in peak condition.

Comfort “stodge” is not as nutrient dense as salads, or steamed veg. Vitamin A is essential for your body’s white blood cells to fight infection. A snack like carrots and hummus or celery sticks and nuts are a great way of taking in a number of essential vitamins.

If you struggle with regular colds, then raw foods including steamed dark leafy veg and sweet potatoes will also do the trick!

Vitamin E is fab for fighting infections of the respiratory system. Vitamin E can be found in walnuts and pumpkin seeds which are easy to add to your salads and as a crunchy topping for your veggies once cooked.

3. Being a Hermit!

In the winter months, because of the cold and the dark days, we tend to barricade ourselves in. We work inside, we order all our shopping online, and may venture out to workout inside a gym. We need Vitamin D!

Vitamin D enhances your ability to fight off colds and flu. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin D is 2,00 to 5,000IU to help keep your bones strong and improve your immune health as well as ward off a huge list of unwanted ailments and potential diseases.

By simply sitting outside in the sunshine or going for a brisk walk for just 10 minutes a day in the sun can make a huge difference.

For times when the sun just does not come out to play we highly recommend taking Vitamin D with K2 drops by Nutri Advanced.

For more information in regards to Nutri Advanced products and how they can help, please feel free to contact us today.

4. Be germ aware!

It is not our intention to make you neurotic, however do you ever stop and think about where your hands have been on a daily basis?

Any surface touched frequently can harbor a variety of nasty germs such as colds and viruses, office water coolers and coffee pots are also a fantastic germ incubator.

Our top tip – Make sure you wash your hands!

5. Sleep patterns

For optimum health we need anything between 7-9 hours of shuteye per night. A lack of sleep leads to low energy, and the likelihood to make poor food choices to keep you going. Making a scheduled sleep routine is essential for optimum health.

As part of a healthy sleep routine, and to help you unwind and relax after a long day we highly recommend Megamag Night by Nutri Advanced. For more details contact a member of the team today.

Look after your body; and your body will look after you!

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