mindset goals for the new year
Mindset goals for the New Year

Mindset goals for the New Year

Your mindset is vital for making positive changes and sticking to them. Be sure to be mindful of what makes you happy and what is achievable. With that in mind, here are 5 of my easy-to-implement tips to help you achieve your goals.

snooze you lose

Snooze you lose, so get up when the alarm goes off

When we are woken from our lovely deep sleep by the annoying alarm clock, our body responds with a fight-of-flight signal in our nervous system which causes a sudden rise in blood pressure and a spike in heart rate. By hitting the snooze button, you will put your body repeatedly through the same stress. Not a great start to your day!

Also, by pressing the snooze button, you will be setting up your mindset for snoozing on your to-do list and sabotage your progression plans. So let’s stop snoozing in the New Year and give your body and mind a positive start to the day.

tidy room make bed

Tidy your room and make your bed… Sound familiar?

De-cluttering your room before bed sets you up for a positive start to your day. Waking up in a messy environment creates an unorganised and flustered mindset. Some studies revealed people living in clean & tidy houses are healthier & more active.

Now for the bed thing…

Making your bed sets you up for your first accomplishment of the day. With this easy win, you set yourself up for a positive mindset to tackle the next challenge. By upping your bed making standards, the more positive you are to tackle your next job with lifted enthusiasm.

get better sleep

Get better sleep

Achieving a night of good sleep can be a challenge for many of us. We can all improve our sleep, and by doing so, you will yield greater results with little effort.

There’s much information on this subject, and I can go to town with stats and research, but we all know how good we feel when we have enjoyed a good sleep. Our mood is positive; the body feels fresh, stress and inflammation levels are down.

Many people claim to perform well with less sleep, but for me it’s simple, it’s a physiological part of our system, so you need 7-9 hours sound sleep. If you have less optimal sleep, something in your system will pay the price, which will lead to suppressed mood, inflammation, raised cortisol (stress hormone) etc.

Try these easy-to-do tips to improve sleep:

  1. No caffeine at least 10 hours before bed
  2. Avoid alcohol
  3. Add more starchy carbs with your dinner (yes you’ve read that correctly)
  4. Stop blue light activity for at least 2 hours before bed, so pack away phones, tablets and switch of the TV
  5. Dim the lights in your room
  6. Read and relax

After a week of improved sleep, you will feel more invigorated to take on and conquer your challenges.

read more

Read more

I hear it countless times, ‘new year, new me’. Now it is time to action these thoughts. Start by setting a goal of reading at least ten pages a day. The average book is about 300 pages long. So with this, you could complete about 12 new books a year.

Try other genres of books to broaden your spectrum and develop that beautiful brain of yours. Inform and build the person you want to become. Many people aspire for a different outcome but do little self-development. Like training your body, the same concept applies for training your mind!

laugh more

Laugh more

There’s a lovely proverbial phrase – “A laugh a day will keep the doctor away”. There’s more and more research being published that supports how laughter can improve our physical and mental wellbeing. A good session of laughter decreases your stress hormones and increases endorphins which will promote your overall wellbeing. It’s a fantastic way to ease anxiety and tension. Laughter can also reduce blood sugar levels, increasing glucose tolerance.

There’s more evidence coming to light that a good session of the giggles helps your blood vessels function better. Better blood flow can only be a good thing for your heart and brain, two organs that require a steady stream of oxygen.

We are social creatures, and nothing is better than an uplifting laughing session with friends. So, let’s turn off the phones and engage more with friends in a social environment.

If you would like additional support achieving your health and fitness goals or are interested in personal training, don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below.

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