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BCAA’s – What are they & how do they work?

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs) is a very commonly used supplement within the fitness industry. You may or may not of heard of them, but do you know what they are and how they can help you?

BCAAs are a supplement used in the fitness world to help gym goers who are looking to ‘cut down’ and burn body fat, but at the same time, retain as much muscle mass as possible. BCAAs can be taken in powder or tablet form pending on the users preference and convenience.

When people are looking to ‘cut down’ and lose body fat, they may begin to cut their calorie intake. This will turn the body into a catabolic state. This simply means your body will ‘breaking down’ fat and muscle.

BCAAs will keep your body in a anabolic state, which means it will continually build muscle.

The basic equation for muscle mass is: Muscle Mass = rate of Protein Synthesis – rate of Protein Breakdown

BCAAs Benefits

  1. Increase the rate of Protein Synthesis!
  2. Reduce muscle Soreness
  3. Reduces Tiredness
  4. Reduces the amount of Protein Breakdown

So to conclude our short and sharp article, supplementing with BCAAs will maximise fat loss and increase muscle retention… how fantastic!

If you would like to order some BCAAs and wanted to be pointed in the right direction of a quality source, speak to one of the Wern Fitness Team today!

Happy Training,
WernFitness Team

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