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Stuart Story

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Stuart After
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“I’d reached the age of 45, overweight but without significant physical injuries, but a history of yo-yo dieting and food-fad following. A surprisingly clean health check, weight-excepted, from the doctor, drove me to reconsider on my lifestyle, and a period of strict portion control and swimming led to X KG weight loss. All well and good, but I knew this was not sustainable, and this is where Wern came in.

We sat down and mutually agreed a clear, specific and structured exercise regime, linked to simple food advice and lifestyle guidance. Controlled by weekly monitoring of weight and bodyfat, supported by 2 gym sessions, (one traditional and one EMS), this has invigorated all aspects of my life! This ongoing process 9 months later remains effective, rewarding and enjoyable, and genuinely feels like a team effort enabling a viable future healthy lifestyle. I cannot recommend the service or the support enough!”

What was your motivation to seek a personal trainer?

I had lost some weight with dieting before approaching Wern Fitness. I knew I needed more knowledge to take it any further and wanted to continue with my success. Improving my general fitness with a personal trainer also motivated me.

What was the main thing you were struggling with?


What was the main reason you chose to go with Wern Fitness?

A friend of mine was using Wern Fitness, so I chose to give them a go.

In your opinion, what makes Wern Fitness unique from other personal trainers?

The Wern Fitness team are the right mix of a bully, comedian and motivator.

How has Wern Fitness helped you?

They have educated me in what and when to eat. Rest is also really important to them. I had a goal of training for a cycling competition and with Wern Fitness, was able to complete it.

What do you enjoy most about Wern Fitness?

The sense of satisfaction you receive are achieving your goals.

Do you have any other comments or recommendations you would give to others who are in a similar situation as you were before?

It’s important to have clear achievable goals and ensure the trainer understands that, which Wern and the team do.

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