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    Maru’s Transformation Story

    Learn more about our Maru’s transformation and experience training with us.

Maru’s Story

Maru Before
Maru After

“I started training with Wern Fitness because I was not seeing any results training by myself.

The first thing I learnt was that the sessions are pretty hard but each of them somehow different and special. After the first week of training and making some changes in my food I was already seeing positive results on the body fat readings; this was very motivating!

The sessions also helped me get used to a routine of training, they became the highlights of my week and something I really looked forward to! No matter how hard the session was I realised that actually: I could do it!

I understood that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts when it comes to getting fit, I had to work for it and be conscious and realistic with my food.

For me it was a very positive experience that completely changed, not only my body, but also my approach and commitment to exercising and feeling healthy.”

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