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    Luca’s Transformation Story

    Learn more about our Luca’s transformation and experience training with us.

Luca’s Story

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Luca After 2
“4 months later, the results have been beyond my expectations: I have dropped 8% body-fat, my waistline is smaller than it’s ever been since I was a teenager and I have recovered pretty much all the strength in my right leg.”

What was your motivation to seek a personal trainer?

A couple of years ago I injured some ligaments and it was very painful. Prior to then I exercised regularly but had to stop because of the injury. It resulted in me gaining some weight! That then lead to becoming unhappy about body shape and I felt uncomfortable. When you want to try to get back into it you think you can start on your own but it was hard to do and was very frustrating. I hired the Wern Fitness team mainly for motivation and to have someone help design a program tailored to me.

What was the main thing you were struggling with?

Motivation and commitment!

What was the main reason you chose to go with Wern Fitness?

A friend of his was using Wern Fitness. After seeing that the results were showing, I decided to give them a try.

In your opinion, what makes Wern Fitness unique from other personal trainers?

The training. Not only do they focus on your transformation and body appearance, but also slowly changes your lifestyle to a healthier one.

How has Wern Fitness helped you?

During training over the past few months they have allowed me to up my confidence levels. I’ve had more energy, and feel better overall.

What do you enjoy most about Wern Fitness?

When I’m in the gym training, I enjoy it. If I have had a tough day and feeling a bit down, when I go to the gym it makes him feel better. Training with the Wern Fitness team relieves any stresses and I can enjoy the transformation!

Do you have any other comments or recommendations you would give to others who are in a similar situation as you were before?

Just to give it a try. People are always concerned about finding the right time, but you just have to do it and see how it works.

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