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    Clive’s Transformation Story

    Learn more about our Clive’s transformation and experience training with us.

Clive’s Story

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Clive lost an amazing 10.4% body fat and 12kg in weight during a Wern Fitness Transformation, here’s his story.

What was your motivation to seek a personal trainer?

At first, I was keen to lose weight. Once I had achieved that goal, I stuck with the personal trainer for guidance and motivation  to improve my all round fitness.

What was the main thing you were struggling with?

Hands down, motivation.

What was the main reason you chose to go with Wern Fitness?

I was a member at Fitness First and Wern had already given me some advice in the gym. His team and him had the most experience, so I chose to use Wern Fitness.

In your opinion, what makes Wern Fitness unique from other personal trainers?

The photo food diary feature in his programme. It made me more aware of what I was eating. Unlike other trainers who just get you to write it down and you don’t end up doing it, being able to send what you are eating 24/7 makes a difference. He also mixes the training up, to help progress you, which keeps it interesting.

How has Wern Fitness helped you?

Aside from loosing the weight, it is my general fitness that has seen the biggest improvement. I cycle on the weekends and have noticed it improving. I can cycle further distances in a quicker time. I feel much better in general.

What do you enjoy most about Wern Fitness?

I’m trained by Wern himself, and his general manner and personality make a huge difference. He is a fun guy!

Do you have any other comments or recommendations you would give to others who are in a similar situation as you were before?

Try it, it actually does make a difference. I found it surprising that there are variations of what you do. Wern Fitness has really helped improve my whole life (if you follow the programs correctly).

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