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    Learn how personal training with us in Liverpool Street will get you where you want to be.

Wern Fitness Personal Training

Wern Fitness is a diverse team of 6 personal trainers in Liverpool street, London compromising of 4 gents and 2 ladies. The two master trainers Wern and Maria have a combined experience of over 50 years in the business.

Each of our trainers is carefully selected to bring their own experience and skillset to the team. These include Poliquin and biosignature qualified trainers, a rehab specialist, an ex sportsmen and a kinesiologist.

Based in the city we have many clients with busy lives and limited time and we see how common it is for people to neglect their most important asset – themselves!

Whether you are a total novice or experienced in training, a student or a high flying professional – we are here to get you where you want to be and to educate and empower you throughout the process. We provide tailor-made fitness and wellbeing packages, designed to work around your busy lifestyle.

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Stuart's Transformation Story

Stuart's Transformation Story

“I’d reached the age of 45, overweight and years of yo-yo dieting. After a period of strict portion control and swimming I lost a little weight but I knew this was not sustainable. Nine months later, this regime remains effective, rewarding and enjoyable – enabling a viable future healthy lifestyle.”

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The Wern Fitness Philosophy

We understand that there is no ‘one-size fits all solution’ to achieving optimal health and fitness. We listen closely to the needs of our clients and have a diverse team of personal trainers with a variety of different skills and experience that are able to cater for all.

We place great importance on your circumstances, where you are at and what you want to achieve. By analysing your lifestyle, your sleep and current movement levels, and using tools such as biosignature testing and food diaries - we can create a solid tailored plan to help you to make improvements one step at a time. As we monitor your progress and you see the results, these changes become permanent and you become empowered to achieve your goals.

Wern Fitness Training Philosophy

At Wern Fitness, we encourage our clients to understand that health is a lifestyle. Incorporating the tips and advice dispensed by our professional team is the key to change. It means breaking old habits, but more importantly understanding why those habits have become part of your life.

All too often we hear of people starting a diet or fitness plan, which then fades over time and the bad habits return. This ‘yo-yo’ dieting can be a difficult cycle to break, and can leave you feeling depressed about your body; convinced that you’ll never achieve your ideal health and fitness goals. Part of the WF lifestyle programme is to get to grips with our clients’ routines and identify the change needed behind their lifestyle choices.

It’s about attitude and awareness of how we treat and understand our bodies. To change the way you feel you must first make small changes. Small steps can lead to big changes long-term.

David's Transformation Story

David's Transformation Story

“Wern fitness has allowed me to achieve my fitness goals. This has lead to being more alert at work and studying. Being in better shape, and feeling better about myself also makes me more confident. Just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and is very beneficial. If anyone is willing to put the time and money in, they will definitely see results.”

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Personal Training Liverpool Street

Our Liverpool Street Training Facilities

Our trainers are based inside Fitness First in close proximity to Liverpool Street station. The facility provides the perfect environment for personal training with everything you would expect from a leading gym. There’s a wide range of cardio machines, fitness studio, huge free weights area and changing / showering facilities.

Who is personal training for?

Who is personal training for?

Anyone can benefit from personal training with us. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice looking to make a start, a sports professional looking to gain the edge, or perhaps someone that is experienced and needs a boost in motivation or help progressing with their goals.

Our team is experienced training all types of clients including professional athletes and celebrities. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, lose body fat or build muscle – we’re here to help.

Personal training provides you with the industry experience, motivation and education required to empower you to succeed in your own health and fitness goals.

Joel's Transformation Story

Joel's Transformation Story

“I have lost over 10kgs and 10% of my body fat. The hard part wasn’t starting, the hard part was staying motivated over a prolonged period of time and Wern’s ‘no BS’ style of getting to know you as an individual, pushing you hard and genuinely caring about the results, was key in keeping me coming back and recovering from hiccups.“

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What to expect from training with us?

Motivation and more!

We have a close relationship with all of our clients. We’re here to push you and to help ensure you get the most out of your personal training sessions but there’s a great emphasis on education and fun. You will enjoy your sessions with us and you will understand what we’re doing and why. Training with us will be varied and will evolve as you progress to ensure that you continue to move forwards. We’ll assess your starting point, design your bespoke training plan and monitor your progress throughout.

Flexible training options

We are flexible in terms of how many sessions you chose to spend with us but ask that clients commit to at least a 3 month period in order to achieve your transformation. We’ll provide all the education and support that you need so that you understand what to do outside of your 121 sessions.

A life changing experience

The atmosphere and team spirit will energise you! Positively impacting your life style and mindset, a true life changing experience. One thing is for certain you will definitely “feel the burn”, if you train with Wern! Results take effort; you have to be in it to win it! Do something your future self will thank you for today and start training with Wern Fitness.

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